Opel Szentgotthárd Grzegorz Buchal, Managing Director

Grzegorz BUCHAL, Managing Director,
Opel Szentgotthárd

"After 25 years and a total investment of over 1.5 billion Euros, Opel Szentgotthárd builds multiple engine families including the latest applications coming from our new Flex Plant. We also continue to invest into the future – in 2015 we opened our new Opel Knowledge Center that will help educating the next generation of qualified professionals.
Hungary is important for us, not only because of our manufacturing presence – Opel has the largest car park with over 475 000 cars running on the roads and the brand secured the number one position on the passenger car market 5th year in a row. I trust we have everything in place to look forward to another success- ful 25 years in Hungary."